Month: September 2017

Hot Electronics Gifts for the Holidays 2010

Though the economy is still sluggish, most shoppers are saying that they intend to spend more on holiday gifts this year than they did in the past few years. You can bet that a majority of these gifts will tend to be in the electronics arena. From video game consoles to video games to gadgets to portable audio and video players, there is no shortage of choices if you are in a buying mood this holiday season.

One of the hottest devices that you can consider as a gift for your loved one would be Apples latest creation, the iPad. People are amazed by the crystal clear screen and the myriad of applications available for it. You can view video, listen to audio, read books, play games and so much more. With over 100,000 applications in the Apple App Store, the possibilities and uses for this product are virtually endless. The iPad isn’t just a bigger version of the iPhone either, it boasts it’s own application set, and special functions, including a much more usable keyboard than it’s smaller counterpart. This feature makes the iPad much more of a personal, portable computer, and practically leaves technology like netbooks in the dust. Ease of use has always been a strength of Apple’s products, and the iPad is no exception. People of any age, even people in their 90’s can use it without any learning curve whatsoever.

If youre into mobile phones, another great idea came from Apple. Released earlier this year, the iPhone4 has instantly become another Apple hit because of its trademark style and functionality. This is actually a major upgrade of the iPhone 3G in such a way that it boasts of its highly sensitive touch screen and amazing screen resolution. The iPhone4 can be a great gift this Christmas, especially if you bundle it with service. However, a new phone may not always be an appropriate gift, which is why the newest version of the iPod Touch may be a better choice. The iPod Touch has just about all the functionality of an iPhone, but without the phone function. The iPod Touch is also less expensive.

Those are two of the hottest electronics gifts this season, but you may also consider an LED television, a 3D television, the Playstation Move, the XBOX360 Kinect, a GPS device, exercise or outdoor equipment or any of hundreds of hot video games for those who already have a video game console.

Flybarless Rotor Heads – The Ins And Outs

What was the flybar for anyway? The flybar performs three basic functions stabilization, amplificationof cyclic input, and resistance to pitch up in forward flight.

Stabilization: While hovering a wind gust may try and move (tilt) the main rotor. The flybar will be differently (less) affected, and the linkage system will adjust the pitch on the blades to resist the change.
Amplification of cyclic input: When the swashplate tilts and moves the flybar, aerodynamic forcesimposed by the flybar paddles change the spinning plane of the flybar, and again through a series oflinkages this then changes the pitch on the main rotor blades. This means the servos work less hard toachieve a cyclic input.
Resistance to pitch up in forward flight: In fast forward flight the blade advancing into the airflowcreates more lift than the blade retreating in the airflow. This causes a pitch up motion of the helicopter.The flybar again tries keeping in its own plane of rotation, and through the linkage system adjusts thepitch on the main blades to resist this change.

So the electronic components of the system take over these tasks from the flybarSo why ditch the flybar and change to a flybarless head setup?Flybarless helicopters have arguably better all round aerobatic performance. But they are also great forscale models, aerial photography platforms, etc
Advantages include:

Less rotating mass
Lower drag
Combination of longer flight time and better 3D performance
Less mechanical complexity
Infinitely tunable flight characteristics, including improved stability if desired
Looks cool!

What is required:

The Flybarless Head Itself It is ideal to purchase a custom designed flybarless head for your size of helicopter rather than try and modify an existing setup. There are several reasons for this:

The geometry of the head is important
You are purchasing a product that is known to work

Flybarless Electronics You require a system to take over the role of the flybar. There are two and three axis units on the market. For general flying a two axis unit (meaning you still require your own tail gyro) works very well. For 3D flying there are advantages of three axis units, however the two axis ones still hold their own.A two axis unit essentially contains two heading hold gyros (left/right and fore/aft cyclic). A three axis unit adds a tail rotor gyro also. Much like the way a traditional tail rotor heading hold gyro works, the cyclic gyros have the ability to stabilize the rotor head from wind gusts, etc.It is possible to fly a flybarless helicopter without electronic stabilization. However, the task is much easier with the help of an electronics package. You would not fly your helicopter without a tail gyro, would you?
Servo Selection Fast digital servos are preferable. But again, depending on your flying style,any reasonable servo will allow you to experience the flybarless feel.

In Flight: Flybarless helis can be set up to behave in an almost unlimited number of ways. With a flybar,it was time consuming (and expensive) to try a variety of flybar lengths, different paddles, and flybarweights. With the electronic flybar it is simply a matter of changing some of the programmableparameters in the unit itself and you have a whole new feel to the helicopter.There are some further flight differences with a flybarless heli. The cyclic controls now command acyclic rate from the rotor head. So if the helicopter is on the ground and even a small cyclic command isheld, the cyclic servos may move hard over to try and achieve the commanded cyclic rate. So it isimportant not to add cyclic control until the helicopter has lifted off.Autorotation performance is overall improved, but somewhat of a different technique is required torealize this increase in performance.

Six Hot Applications on China Electronics in 2010

AS the world economic has become steady and China market has come back to life, what precious development opportunities will the China electronics manufacturers meet? Meanwhile, what hot electronic products can we expect on the china electronics market in 2010?

No1.Smart mobile phones and 3G mobile phones
According to the latest information from the Topology industry research institute, the price of the Smart phone will keep running down. And the smart phones will gradually enter into the multifunctional mobile phones market. The offtake of Smartphone in 2010 will increase by 29%.

The 3G mobile phones will enter into the emerged markets in leading cities. The WCDMA/HSDPA/LTE communication technology has become mature. Now the Mainland China has taken the place of TAIWAN to become the top place of designing mobile phone. The mobile phone manufacturers will gain the direct benefits from the staggering growth of the Smartphone and 3G mobile phone on the market.

The main hot spots on the mobile phone market in 2010 are as follows: 3G+Android Smartphone, 2G/3G+Window Mobile 6.5 Smartphone and EVDO+GSM Dual Cards Dual Standby Smartphones and featured phones. The Wi-Fi/WAPI and the CMMB will be the standard products for the Smartphone and TD-SCDMA respectively.

NO2. Personal portable consumer electronics represented by the MID, smart book and PMP
At present, the main notebook has turned to be Windows Intel. The notebook will be on the up with the greater coverage and better coverage quality of the 3G network in 2010. And accordingly the ARM+Android or ARM+Linux smart book/MID will also begin to be popular.

The sales of MP3/MP4 have dropped off after their reaching the peak in 2007 as they suffered from the replacing of mobile phone and awful economic environment. But the derivative products of the MP3/MP4 such as mini MP3 speakers and car cigarette lighter will appear on the market popularly in 2010.

NO3.Ditigal TV
It will be an age of CRT TV replacement. Suppose the radix of the CRT TV is 0.5billion with the replacing rate of 10%, it will be 50million in total. Particularly in China, the replacement fever will be strengthened by the 2010 World Cup football match, Shanghai Expo along with the worldwide hi-definition content.

The 1080P/720P hi-definition, internet connection and LED backlight will be hot in the digital TV market. These hot spot applications will lead the hi-definition set-top box and TV-Box which can acquire the hi-definition DVD with lower cost to be the hot products. Applying the LED backlight to the LCD TV is also to be a focus in public.

NO4. HP LED illumination and LED backlight of large size
LED illumination industry will play a more and more important role as the countries attach importance to environment issue. LED is mainly applicable to the high-power products such as indoor and outdoor illumination and streetlights. The outdoor illumination approximately covers 12%, and theres greater space to grow. Furthermore, with the decrease of the LED price, LED will begin to replace the traditional filament lamp. Also LED has become the backlight of the TV and computer LCD indicator. In the future 3-5 years, LCD TV backlight will be the driving force of the large needs of LED.

NO5 .Car electronics
With the tendency of the worldwide source shortage, environmental protection and emission-abatement, the HEV and EV will gain great development opportunities. The electronization and intelligentization of cars will bring much more opportunities to the car electronic system manufacturers.

NO6. Medical video system and household medical equipments
The advanced semiconductor technology paves the way for the development of household medical equipments. The accurate, reliable and safe household electronics can offer an effective means to help people keep healthy. It can also be helpful to reduce the medical cost.

It is no doubt that the world will witness more and more wholesale electronics supplier gain profit if they notice this and keep pace with the world.